I help people fall in love with their
homes and spaces.

Hiring Nicole has been worth every penny and more. She helped me declutter, organize, prioritize and overcome fears associated with holding on to things. She has put the power of getting things done in my own hands and she has been there every step of the way.   

– Tenny, Sammamish, WA

A lot of energy = great life. Not a lot of energy = not so great life!

I do energy work which means I help people like you with that messy junk drawer, the pile of papers you never get to, or that beautifully decorated room you don’t enjoy hanging out in.

Or maybe it’s not a room or space at all.

Maybe it’s a thought you can’t shake, the bad feeling that won’t go away or the horrible memory that won’t leave you alone.

Whatever “it” is – it doesn’t feel good, you’re feeling bad and you wish you had more flow and energy in your life.

About My Work

I blend energy work and organization.

My goal is for people to walk into their homes and say “whew!” instead of “ew”. For two decades my clients have been telling me all about the amazing results they get from working with me, but the comment I hear and cherish the most is this: “I LOVE my space now!”

That’s what I do: I help people fall in love with their homes and spaces.

My work always circles back to one central thing: energy. Where is it and where isn’t it? No judgment, just…what’s going on here, in your life? Let’s go there.

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Laura C.Mercer Island, WA

“Nicole clears houses and they SELL. The home next door to mine was on the market for over a year, not selling, not selling. I hired her to go over and clear it because I wanted nice neighbors. It sold within 2 weeks! And the neighbors are very kind people!”

Anakha C.Portland, OR

“It's been 2 weeks after my deep dive session with Nicole. Two weeks after sorting, shifting and clearing out my stuff and looking into every nook and cranny (and by that I mean the inner and the outer stuff and crannies!). Our work together created a new order in my space and a soul-inspired clarity, direction and focus for my life is emerging. I feel more deeply connected to my purpose, more clarity about who I am and what I am here for and what I need to nourish me and a more joyful and free life. I feel inspired and fortified to move forward in all areas of my life after feeling stuck for months. Now, I won't kid you, it wasn't all easy peasy over the last two weeks. The work we did initiated a deep purging of limiting beliefs, confusion and grief (with a few headaches and tears along the way). And, the results far far far outweigh any challenge that arose and WOW, talk about rocket speed change! She's worth every penny, every minute of sorting this and releasing that, and every momentary discomfort. She's the real deal and has been ever since my first session with her over 18 years ago! Ready for a shift, a change? Do it! You will be awed and amazed with the results you create with Nicole by your side.”

Carla LeeConverting Homeownership Dreams to Reality, Bellingham, WA

“Nicole does amazing work! You will be very pleased with the results. I have used her on a couple of properties over the years at times when the market was less than optimal. After her work was complete the sales were immediately forthcoming! I always think of her when I have friends or clients that have spaces that need Nicole’s skills! The experience and knowledge she has is extraordinary. ”

Shelly DonovanLMT, Seattle, WA

“I have been working with Nicole for nearly 20 years. Her work is one of my touchstones to continue to move forward in life as uninhibited as is possible.
Whether the focus is on personal clearing or space clearing, I have found Nicole to have great expertise at tuning in to what is and working from that place. It is always a potent and transformative experience.
Her work tunes into the space itself and, through deep listening and expert space holding, follows what needs to happen right here, right now.
She may ask questions and share insights as they arise giving the opportunity for engaging the client in self inquiry.
My most recent experience with Nicole has been quarterly office clearings. I credit her work with me and my office partner as not only helping us to stay present to the best use of our space, but also to the preservation of our working relationship and friendship! Nicole’s work was like an objective mediation, unveiling what was “in the space” to allow for honest, open, revealing communication and action between me and my office partner.
An Invaluable service!!”